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Be cautious about cab booking service on

December 9, 2019 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Yesterday, we have made a cab booking for airport transfer using MakeMyTrip app and we have received car details via text message and WhatsApp. A driver has arrived about 30 minutes earlier than scheduled; we felt happy for being punctual.

After a few minutes, got a call from different number asking us to WhatsApp the OTP received once the trip get started. I refused to do so and told him, OTP can be only shared with drive.

When we went down, we have realised there is no car with the number mentioned on the message sent to us. We have called the driver who called us before (assuming he has called from a different number than what has sent to us) and he said he is standing just infront of us but the car number is different that what we have got in the text message. Since we have a flight, we had to take a risk and board the cab; thankfully he has dropped safely.

After a while, I called’s customer service and explained the incident; to my surprise, they were pretty casual and told me that such incidents could happen when a driver deny the trip at last minute and vendor can assign another car but need not update in the sytem. How would customer know the authenticity? How safe is this process? when I started asking these questions, I got a usual response, “we will look into the matter and get back to you within 24-48 hours”. Also, even after an hour of our trip, MakeMyTrip did not have the information about who has fulfilled the trip.

Lesson that we have learnt from this is ensure there is more than required time for airport transfers; when car number does not match with the number received in the app, do not board the cab but make an alternate arrangement. Make the vendor accountable and report incident to plice.


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My experience in trading

September 22, 2019 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

For many years, I was under the impression that stock market is a highly risk area to invest money and have chosen to stay away for a long time. Yes, it’s true that investing in stock market is a risky thing if not done in a right way. For a couple of months now, I have been investing in stocks and it’s a great experience.

My inspiration

Hema’s uncle Shri. Tadimeti Sathya Murthy, a retired bank officer and I get into conversations about how carefully money should be used and how we can save. Quite often, he used to bring stock markets into conversation and he has been trading for about three decades. That triggered me to think when there was no technology and he was trading and why not I? So I decided to venture into invest smaller amounts into trading and see how it works.

My learnings

  • If your goal is for short-term, then you need to monitor market closely
  • It’s OK to bid even less than 3% of value while buying; most often transaction will go through by closure of market.
  • It’s OK to bid 2% more while selling and this would even go through; well, there is no guarantee
  • As a beginner, I just rotate a sum of some amount and beyond a limit, I will not pump in money to investment
  • I sell my holdings when they raise at least 10%
  • Ihave noticed markets going high on Monday and Tuesday and going down on Thursday evenings and Friday morning
  • I use a strategy of buying shares while market is down and sell while market is on higher side. (nothing new here)
  • I usually buy shares that are of government such as HUDCO or brands like TCS, Infosys etc.,
  • I place orders before market opens, then monitor market twice within the day and then finally check my orders at the market closure.

In summary, it’s a good place to earn profit if business is done with care. So far I’m enjoying and made a decent profit in two months!

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Unable to cast vote due to fault of an inefficient local officer

April 18, 2019 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

We have recently moved into a new apartment complex. Last month a Block Liaison Officer has approached us saying he would get our names included in the Electoral Roll. Since he is a government employee, we thought it would be safe and work may happen faster instead of submitting online. We have given all required documents and also some money to encourage him to help us.

We have been following up almost everyday and he used to say that work is almost done and he will come and give us our voter ID cards. Closer to the election date, he has changed his statement saying we will get our voter ID cards post the election but surely our names get included. He also mentioned that some names could not be included since a few pending documents were given late all the other names got included. When we checked online, we could not see our names. We thought may be authorities may have made typos while entering names. Still with a home that our names will be in the voter list, we approached local parties a two days before and that is when we shockingly got to know that our forms were not submitted on time. It could be intentional as this officer supports Congress and he may have felt most of us vote for BJP.

Today, when I have visited polling station, we got to know this has happened to many others.

Anyway, due to one person, almost 50 of us could not vote in our apartment complex. I sincerely hope BJP wins and come into the power. All the best.

Experience with

February 20, 2019 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Recently we were in need of drafting a rental agreement and I wanted to take a chance and explore online services and that’s when I came across eDrafter.

Firstly, it’s a simple application and all one needs to provide is primary details like parties who are making the agreement, details of agreement like if it is for renting a house, address of property and then if there are any additional terms and conditions.

There is an option to either seek a draft version by email and they would proceed on your approval or one can ask to print agreement without a draft. We have chosen to seek draft before printing. We have received a draft within 12 hours and modifications were addressed within 2 hours of our response.

They have provided options as to which e-Stamp paper it needs to be done and if we would like it to be notarised. All of this work have been done for 480 Indian Rupees and we have received our agreement in just 2 days.

Only thing that wasn’t addressed by service provider is that I have asked them to make a copy of the agreement and send along; which was not done. But that’s a minor.

Overall, I highly recommend services of

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APSRTC managers are super responsive…

August 21, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Recently we were travelling from Tanuku to Bengaluru by APSRTC bus and a pipe in the baggage space got broken. Bus was taken to Vijayawada bus depot and got the issue fixed. However, driver was instructed by one of the APSRTC personnel not to proceed further and return to origin which is Vizag. So we were transferred to another bus where seats in the last row were allocated. When we have questioned for water bottles and blankets, response was rude.

We called up the customer care of APSRTC, who pretended as a complaint was registered but suggested us to speak to Depot manager at Vizag. He was kind enough to receive our call at middle of the night and looked into the issue. Then he has arranged the original bus to pick us in the next bus station and proceed to Bengaluru. Though there was a couple of hours delay, we continued our journey with peace.

It’s great to see APSRTC personnel are pretty responsive. But the concern is that customer service team need to be improved and they should be able to coordinate with Depot managers etc., directly instead of providing the contact information.

Another issue that APSRTC should look into is that there is no single day where busses from Kakinada and Vizag to Bengaluru have arrived on scheduled time. Each day they get delayed by minimum of one hour. If it happens once a while is fine, but not always.

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Experience with Indigo airlines: Positive but time consuming for airlines

April 29, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Recently I have travelled from Bangalore to Hyderabad with Indigo airlines. Their hospitality is just awesome as always. However, I found they are wasting a bit of time of their staff.

Since I wanted to try the experience of Airport Pool introduced by Uber, I have decided to leave home early. I have reached airport almost one and half hours prior to my flight time. At the counter, where I have received my boarding card, I was asked, if I would need assistance and I have opted to go for it. His name is Aditya (name changed for privacy reasons); he has helped me with security check, he has asked if I would want to have some lunch and then proceeded to boarding gate. There was about 1 hour time for my flight and he was sitting till I on-boarded to my flight. Instead he could have leave me at the gate and either come back closer to flight time or inform staff at the boarding gate.

More important thing is that he is not even an experienced personnel; That is his first job and he has joined four months ago. So this has proven that Indigo do include training on how to assist customers with disabilities and elderly. His aim is to grow in the aviation industry. We wish him all the best.

Thanks again, Indigo.

Amazon’s customer service is amazing!

February 16, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

We have been using for a while and always experience is seem-less. A few things that we like about amazon are:

  • Ability to change in delivery address
  • Quite often products are delivered before committed date
  • Quality of packaging is always good
  • Recently, we have received a few products that did not meet our requirements; when we have approached customer service, they have helped us with easy return; we did not have to courier ourselves; we just had to schedule a time for their executive to pick up. For products that are non-returnable, they have arranged a free replacement
  • Refunds are made as per our choice either to Amazon wallet or to our card
  • Contacting customer service is pretty easy. In fact, we get a call back with a click

Overall, experience with is pretty good!

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Zomato customer service is awesome; but delivery staff needs to be better

December 15, 2017 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

In last few months, we were experimenting with food delivery services providers and earlier I have posted our experience about Swiggy. After continuous negative experiences with Swiggy, we have switched to Zomato.

User experience of the app is much better. Specially, if you choose a restaurant, app will show you if they would deliver in our locality or not. Also, it will show you the estimated time to deliver. In addition, it will show you dishes that we may have previously ordered. This will be handy, when we wish to just repeat a same order.

Often times we got the food delivered at least a few minutes befor the estimated time. But when it does not happen, customer service is really helpful.

A few of our recent experiences are that deliver personnel creates a mess. One such thing was yesterday. We have ordered for evening snack. After a few minutes, we got a call stating that there is a problem with vehicle and food will be delayed by 15-20 minutes. We have agreed. After few minutes, we have noticed on the app that delivery personnel has been changed.

We have reached out to the customer service via chat option. After investigation and a few arguments, they have agreed to refund as a token of apology and requested us to accept the order when it comes. We have received the refund and then noticed on the app that order has been cancelled.

We have approached customer service again and complained that it was a cheating. They have said, restaurant has claimed that we have declined the order. We told them to ask restaurant to prove the same and if they are able to, we are OK to pay them 1 Lac rupees and if they are at fault, ask them if they would want to pay. After few discussions, they have accepted that it was restaurant’s fault and given us credit of the order amount.

So through all of this experience, I have learnt that it’s investors who have to bear the loss for the fault of deliveruy personnel. But what I like about Zomato is when we explain the situation, they do investigate and provide compensation as appropriate.

It’s time for service personnel to be professionals. One last tip is do not accept faults from any service provider.

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@MSFTEnable – you rock! A quick experience with Microsoft Teams

December 1, 2017 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

I recently got introduced to Microsoft Teams at my workplace. I usually try anything that comes in my way. So as usual, I had set up and created groups that I want to use.

Then I noticed team has different bots that a user can use and I chose to use “Secretary bot”. It was amazing and I play often with it.

A couple of days later, I got a notification from “T bot” asking how that could help me. I wanted to check level of its intelligence so asked “Hey, are you accessible using screen reader?” and it fetched me a page talks about Accessibility Support for Microsoft Teams.

This surely reflects of the commitment of Microsoft for Accessibility. Kudos to colleagues at Microsoft Accessibility Team!

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Observation with Service providers; they need us to sign a lot of documents; but they would not want to sign-up in writing

November 19, 2017 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

As we know, we need to sign-on several documents when we apply for any service or a transaction; but do we ever ask service provider anything in writing?

Recently we have applied for broadband connection from ACT Fiber; they have visited home and got us signed on a few documents along photo copy of documents related to proof of address. We have also opted to pay for 6 months in advance.

After a few days, we have got a call from their technical staff asking if they can come to install a junction box; also we need to provide them electricity. At least one of the eight costumers has to provide them with electricity. They would offer discount of 50 INR to that customer. When I have asked them to give the same in writing, they have declined saying we can look up this on the account statement but they would not give anything in writing. Now I wonder, while they have our signature at several places and take our documents as proof, what is their problem to give their commitment in writing?

So I have told them to refund our meoney and do not provide us their connection. Then they tells me refunds will be processed through NEFT and takes 15 days to process. I’m surprised which bank on this earth takes 15 days to transfer. Post that, their back end team started calling me asking if I would want to retain the connection. That is when I realised why they would need 15 days refund processing time. A couple of days later, I have received an email stating that refund has been processed. But when I have checked my back account, nothing has been credited. I have monitored for one week and then wrote an email. This means, if someone doesn’t follow-up, they would just forgot repayment. After my follow-up, they have made the transfer of amount. I seriously see issue of ethics with such service providers.

Coming to Airtel, they have not generated our broadband bill till date while actually we get it on 11th of every month. When we have reached out to their customer care, they so casually say “they may be technical glitch and we may get bill for 2 months in December”; who are they to dictate me to pay bill for 2 months together?

Seeing this, I wonder why these companies cannot be professional. I hope the world changes and we get better services.

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