Unable to cast vote due to fault of an inefficient local officer

We have recently moved into a new apartment complex. Last month a Block Liaison Officer has approached us saying he would get our names included in the Electoral Roll. Since he is a government employee, we thought it would be safe and work may happen faster instead of submitting online. We have given all required documents and also some money to encourage him to help us.

We have been following up almost everyday and he used to say that work is almost done and he will come and give us our voter ID cards. Closer to the election date, he has changed his statement saying we will get our voter ID cards post the election but surely our names get included. He also mentioned that some names could not be included since a few pending documents were given late all the other names got included. When we checked online, we could not see our names. We thought may be authorities may have made typos while entering names. Still with a home that our names will be in the voter list, we approached local parties a two days before and that is when we shockingly got to know that our forms were not submitted on time. It could be intentional as this officer supports Congress and he may have felt most of us vote for BJP.

Today, when I have visited polling station, we got to know this has happened to many others.

Anyway, due to one person, almost 50 of us could not vote in our apartment complex. I sincerely hope BJP wins and come into the power. All the best.

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