IAAP India Meet-ups and SaaS’D

A quick update on what my schedule is for my next week. I will be in Chennai next week. While spending with our product teams at Freshworks, I will be participating in two events.

On 28th June, 2024 I will be hosting an IAAP India Chapter meet-up in partnership with Ampera DiversityPrivate Limited. In this meet-up, we will be discussing about what IAAP is all about, benefits of membership and certifications offered and their benefits. Visit IAAP India Chapter page on LinkedIn for more information. Note that there is another IAAP India Chapter meet-up happening on 26th June, 2024 at Mumbai hosted by Shilpi Kapoor, Founder and CEO of BarrierBreak.

On 29th June, 2024 I will be speaking on “Designing with empathy” at SaaS’D – a design conferenced powered by Freshworks and Friends of Figma Chennai.

And on 30th June, 2024 – Hema and I will be celebrating our 13th Anniversary. Like most couple, we also have our ups and downs but yes, that is part of life and we just have to enjoy ups and overcome difficult times.

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