Accessibility findings of the week starting 25th February, 2024

Desktop screen showing access logo with a bug image icon on it.

Both for professional and personal reasons, I use several websites and applications on daily basis. This is an attempt to capture accessibility findings as I use them on a weekly basis. I would be covering both what I’m impressed about and where respective website / application owners has to work upon.

The Hindu Business Line

The Hindu Business Line offers news related to business and industries. When this page got loaded, since I was first time user here, I was prompted to sign up/ sign. From my browser (Chrome), noticed a pop-up allowing me to choose one of my google accounts. I have chosen one account and then it returned a dialog thanking me for sign-up and a confirmation email has been sent. However, keyboard focus is not to set tot he dialog and remain on parent page. As a result, a keyboard and a screen reader has to use “Tab” key several times to reach this dialog to access information and close. This is because this dialog is rendered as a last item in the DOM. There is a close button on the dialog which has marked up as a “link”. This is one of the common mistakes that we often encounter during accessibility testing. Elements has to be marked up as per their purpose. If an action takes place on same page, it’s expected to be a button and if content loads in a new page, such triggered element has to be a link.

All elements on the Hindu Business Line has a good visible focus indicator. There is a mechanism to view an article both as text and as an image. This is indeed helpful since epaper opens in a reader mode. Heading structure is inappropriate. Several headings are marked up using heading level 5.

Zee Business

Zee Business also offer news related to business and industries and one of the widely used source for traders. When this website is loaded, it prompted a cookie consent banner at the bottom of the page while parent page is masked. However, like we have experienced dialog with The Hindu Business line, on this Zee Business portal as well, keyboard focus is not set to consent banner. As a result, it will be difficult for keyboard only users to accept cookies before using the portal.

I have accepted cookies using mouse and started browsing. Very soon, a dialog is seen with title “You might also like”. Again, keyboard focus is not set to this dialog.

Video players of this portal are accessible to keyboard and screen reader users. However, I fail to notice captions for videos; while I have noticed captions for a few advertisements. Heading structure on this page is inappropriate.

HDFC Bank Net banking Portal

On HDFC Bank netbanking portal, none of the input fields such as user name, password and fields in Forgot password form have associated labels. All input fields are read by screen reader as “Edit” that do not provide any context to user. There are instances where user has to solve a CAPTCHA and there is no alternate method such as Audio CAPTCHA etc., However, I was able to scan image CAPTCHA using BeMyAI application. This makes me think can’t bots be able to scan a CAPTCHA now and this trigger question about security.

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