Are you a person with disability and have done incredible work in the area of accessibility and universal design? Are you a working professional working towards the cause of building an inclusive society? Are you an organization believes in universal design and working towards it? Are you someone developed a product or service that works Continue reading “”

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I recently got introduced to Microsoft Teams at my workplace. I usually try anything that comes in my way. So as usual, I had set up and created groups that I want to use. Then I noticed team has different bots that a user can use and I chose to use “Secretary bot”. It was Continue reading “”

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On the eve of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I would like to thank a few individuals and organizations who have helped and supported me to grow myself in the area of accessibility. Thank you The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch, a place where I started thinking about web accessibility. It all began when Continue reading “”

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Finally, we got to enroll ourselves to get included with Unique Identification Authority of India at Indiranagar centre, Bangalore. Our experience is quite postive but needs improvement. Staff at the centre are very helpful, accommodate people with disabilities to best possible extent. Even they have filled out part of the form when we missed, courteous Continue reading “”

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On public mailing lists and social media, I have recently came across a few incidents of discrimination of people with disabilities that prompted me to write this post. First one is about Punjab National Bank, who is troubling a potential customer who happens to be blind to open a Bank account. In spite showing Circular Continue reading “”

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I wish I activated this button shape long back. This is very cool. One of the benefits I see it increases visuals for buttons across the apps and also underline text on buttons. To activate this option, go to: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> turn ON button options. One issue Apple should fix is Continue reading “”

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February and March 2014 will witness two important events in the Accessibility and Assistive Technology space. Here is a quick note about Techshare India 2014 (External link) and 29th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference by CSUN (External link) where my colleagues and I from PayPal will actively participate in. Techshare India PayPal Continue reading “”

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When Google announced it’s course on Introduction to Web Accessibility for developers, I keep seeing tweets saying “Hey Google! Accessibility is not just for blind” etc., and I thought I should write my opinion here Please note that this blog is my personal and views expressed here are my own and does not represent my Continue reading “”

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Thanks to Jennison and Joe Devon, since 2012 world has marked May 9th as Global Accessibility Awareness Day and there were plenty of events took place last year across the world. This year too, there is a lot of momentum going on to mark GAAD. In India too, there are a few events taking place. Continue reading “”

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Greetings on the auspicious occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Hope you have read my earlier post asking plans to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities and today, I’ll be writing what I have done and some of the events I have noticed. I am quite happy that lot has been celebrated Continue reading “”

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