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We strive to post motivational posts and teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Sri. Garikapati Narasimha Rao etc., In addition, a few other general topics.

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1 year at Watermark

November 4th, 2020 marks my first work anniversary as a Senior Accessibility Program Manager at Watermark Insights.

This is one of those places I thoroughly enjoying my work in the area of accessibility. At Watermark, accessibility is not seen just as a check list item or legal requirement; for us, accessibility is a way to innovate and make our products usable to everyone.

At Watermark, products undergo a thorough check once a year and regular testing will take place as and when there are updates to existing features and addition of new features. Accessibility is part of product development cycle and considered right at the beginning.

While Accessibility Conformance Reports (also known as VPATs) are made using version indicated by the regulations, internally, we adopt the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for our testing.

We empower our colleagues with accessibility training as per their roles in addition to generic understanding. We have customized and adopted Intuit’s Accessibility Champions Program (Thank you, Ted!).

I feel very grateful to all my colleagues and leadership at Watermark for seriousness towards accessibility; sure this would make a positive impact to our customers in the education sector. It’s already one year for me at Watermark and glad to take a stock that significant work has been done and there is a lot to go. Looking forward to many more such exciting years.

Thank you, Waterrmark!

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