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Vasu Dairy

1 year at Watermark

November 4, 2020 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

November 4th, 2020 marks my first work anniversary as a Senior Accessibility Program Manager at Watermark Insights.

This is one of those places I thoroughly enjoying my work in the area of accessibility. At Watermark, accessibility is not seen just as a check list item or legal requirement; for us, accessibility is a way to innovate and make our products usable to everyone.

At Watermark, products undergo a thorough check once a year and regular testing will take place as and when there are updates to existing features and addition of new features. Accessibility is part of product development cycle and considered right at the beginning.

While Accessibility Conformance Reports (also known as VPATs) are made using version indicated by the regulations, internally, we adopt the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for our testing.

We empower our colleagues with accessibility training as per their roles in addition to generic understanding. We have customized and adopted Intuit’s Accessibility Champions Program (Thank you, Ted!).

I feel very grateful to all my colleagues and leadership at Watermark for seriousness towards accessibility; sure this would make a positive impact to our customers in the education sector. It’s already one year for me at Watermark and glad to take a stock that significant work has been done and there is a lot to go. Looking forward to many more such exciting years.

Thank you, Waterrmark!

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Life needs to be balanced; why?

October 3, 2020 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

No matter what stage we reach, we need to learn to adopt to live in any situation. A small story. Once upon a time, a wise man passes away, dhootas from Swargam will appear and appreciate all the great work he has done in life and they have come to welcome him to Swargam. Then he asks “Great; but please tell me pros and cons at Swargam”. Then they say “Well, no one has asked such a question before and you are the first one; at Swargam, you can enjoy a lot of peace, positivity, respect and happiness; flip side is that you can enjoy Swargam only for a while and then you will be again sent to earth”.

Hearing that, man refuses to go to Swargam and says “As you know, if a poor person gets rich, they get a lot of happiness and able to live with luxory; but if a rich person becomes poor, it will be difficult for them to survive because they are used to being rich. So if I get addicted to luxury life at Swargam, I may not be able to survive again on this earth; so I would prefer to continue living here.”

Learning from this story is nothing is permanant, we need to adopt ourselves that we should be able to enjoy life at any situation. There will be success and speed breakers in life. There won’t be any failures; there will only be speed breakers. We need to be bold and face any challenges.

Today, unfortunately, we see several news articles about suicide cases where people die for very simple reasons; specially youth – just for scoring less marks, when parents are teachers scold them, when there are difference of opinions with spouse etc., Any situation in life can be sorted out and we can lead beautiful life.

Let’s meditate a few minutes a day and a lot of positivity comes in our way.

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When to perform Bhagavannama Smarana?

October 2, 2020 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Starting today, I post small notes about devotion, tradition and culture!

Often we think about what is the best time to think of god and perform Bhagavannama Smarana. We need to schedule a day and time, if we decide to perform with public visibility and follow all the rules described in spiritual literature. But within our mind, we should perform Bhagavannama Smarana all the time; no matter what we are doing. We can chant mantras like Om Namah Shivayaha, Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Shri. Matre Namaha all the time within our mind. We can do this even while we eat, while we cook, while we take bath, while we travel, while we work etc.,

It would be helpful to schedule a specific time in a day even for 30 minutes or an hour to meditate and perform bhagavannama smarana; this increases our ability to concentrate on what we do. When we perform spiritual events with dedication, same dedication automatically gets applied to whatever we do.

Om Namah Shivaya!

We lost a person who respect culture and Classical music; Padmabhushan Shri. SP Balasubramaniam left to perform at heaven

September 25, 2020 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula
Shri. SPB - Photo Credits: Wiki
Shri. SP Balasubramaniam

As we know, unfortunately, Padmabhushan Shri. S P Balasubramaniam passed away this afternoon (well, he may have departed yesterday but I believe announcement was delayed to prepare all of us to accept the shocking news). He was admitted to MGM Health Care when he was tested COVID positive. Although he came out of COVID earlier this month, he has developed other issues and could not survive.

His life is certainly an inspiration not just because he was a great singer, music director, film producer etc., but he was someone who succeeded in his interest of music in spite he did not have a great voice from the beginnning. But through his dedication and practice, he has achieved what he is in our hearts.

I was listening to his songs right from my childhood – through radio those days and then through audio casettes, compact disks, stored on my computer and now digitally through YouTube and other channels.

Shri. SPB has encouraged lakhs of people to learn classical music through flagship program “Paaduta Teeyaga”. He used to give participants real appreciation and correct them as needed. He always used to respect everyone. What I have learnt fom him is not to underestimate or talk negative about anyone. He has a lot of respect towards our culture and classical music.

I had an opportunity to see him closely when my brother and I went to watch Paaduta Teeyaga Program live at Hyderabad. It’s gratifying to have a memory that we were able to join his effort to support philanthropic initiative he took during COVID lockdown time. He used to acknowledge even when someone contributes little amount.

Shri. SPB Sir, you will always remain in our hearts. May your soul be blessed. Shri. Charan SP, my deep sense of gratitude to you for sharing regular updates about Shri.SPB’s health through your facebook page. Our deep condolences to you all and all of us who take him as inspiration.

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Last 3 weeks…

November 3, 2019 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Last three weeks have been crazy and a lots of new developments in life. Some are good and some are not so good; but life will have mix of things and we just need to accept whatever comes into our way…

Positive things first… During 3rd week of October, I have attended Empower 2019 – Assistive Technology conference hosted by IIT Delhi. This has grown big and improved. Thought it was second time of this conference but learnt that it was actually 4th one in the row and first two were hosted in the IIT Delhi Campus itself. Great products were showcased by many organizations including Mega Voice and Tectopus. We have bought a few products to include at the experience centre at The NAB Karnataka Branch. It was great to have met many friends.

From Delhi, I have travelled to Chandigarh to finish paperwork with my new employer Watermark. Yes, after close to 4 years of wonderful time, I have decided to move on from Informatica; only reason to join Watermark is the kind of products they make in the space of education and accessibility of such products will have a huge impact and benefit many customers. I am looking forward to this exciting new journey.

During my stay at Chandigarh, I have noticed a lot of watering from my left eye and for a day I thought it’s due to climate change etc., but on second day when it has increased, I have visited Amcare hospital and they detected that there is a lot of infection in the eye and must have been there for sometime; given medication and advised me to consult with optholomologist after I reach Bangalore.On my arrival to Bangalore, I have visited Manipal Hospital. They have detected that an implant that was inserted during a surgery in my childhood now got infected and they need to remove the same. On 26th November surgery took place and went well; unfortunately, during this process, I have been diagnosed with diabetes and put on medication. Few decisions I have made last week is take all the steps that are needed to minimize diabetes and not to take any stress. Just ignore people who creates stress to me.

I have missed this year’s Intuit’s Accessibility Summit but it was great to meet Ted Drake.

Looking forward to working on healthy life and get to my new job.

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Thank you 35,786 visitors in 2018

December 26, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

What a great year! Thank you visitors for showing love on my writings. With this 35,786 views in 2018, my views have reached more than 82,000 and great to see I’m nearing 1 Lakh views. Here is a chart that shows views by month in 2018.

Wow, it’s far more easy to insert a chart with new editor of WordPress. I don’t have to remember short code of the chart created using visualizer. In case above chart is not accessible to screen reader users, here is a table view of the same.

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Inclusive Walk-a-than 2018

October 14, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Today I have participated in 5K Inclusive Walk-a-than in Bangalore. It has been an incredible experience. Very well organized.

Participants at Inclusion Walk-a-than 2018

It’s great to see a huge number of participants before 6am on a Sunday morning. Event started with warm-up exercises and they were interpreted in sign-language, buddies are requested to assist people with vision impairment. Then buddies were explained a few tips as to how they can assist people with disabilities. Sighted participants were given an option if they would like to walk with a blind fold. Many participants have opted to experience this.

On my way, I have met a pair of participants from ANZ – Devang and Anil while Anil has a blindfold. He has walked for all 5 kilometers with blindfold. We had a great conversation.

Devang, Anil and myself at Inclusion Walk-a-than just before we reach the finish line.

Overall it has been a fantastic event. Great to see very young child as young as 4 years have also participated and noticed a 8 year girl was volunteering. Volunteers were awesome. Nice to meet some of my good friends.

Look forward to attending India Inclusion Summit in 2018.

End of era: Yahoo! Messenger is shutting down in July

June 10, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Yahoo! Messenger logo

It was in the year 1999 when I got introduced to the world of Internet and my first email address was created on Yahoo! Mail which also got me access to the use of Yahoo! Messenger. It was the first instant messaging application in the world.

Yahoo! Messenger was one of the much needed software in my computer. Though it was introduced to Yahoo! Mail, it was still fun using as a stand alone application.

Yahoo! messenger was first to have chat rooms which I have used a lot and made a lot of new friends. Yahoo! Messenger was one of the first instant messaging products that has cared for accessibility and a lot of efforts have gone in.

It’s sad to see that request for invite from Squirrel home page.

Good news is that for next 6 months, users can download their chat history to computer / device. One needs to visit Request data page then login, verify using one of authentication methods such as receiving code by text or email, enter the same on the site and then click on download link. A while later, you will receive a link to download your data. Another flexibility is that you can choose an email address that you would prefer to receive notification. Announcement has clarified that there won’t be any impact on Yahoo! ID and users can continue to use for other services.

Thank you the awesome Yahoo! Messenger team for your hard work to make the app beautiful and easy to use. It was also a privilege to have been part of this journey at some point.

Good bye Yahoo! Messenger; you remain in hearts of many!

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His Holiness Shri. Shri. Shri. Jayendra Saraswathi passes away

February 28, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Today is indeed remains a loss for entire spiritual community. Kanchi Matha Peetadhipathi (Head of Kanchi organization) His Holiness Shri. Shri. Shri. Jayendra Saraswathi has attained heavenly abode earlier today.

His Holiness Shri. Jayendra Sarawathi [Picture Courtesy: Wiki Pedia]

His Holiness Shri. Jayendra Sarawathi [Picture Courtesy: Wiki Pedia]

About Shri. Swami

Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Saraswathi shankaracharya (born 18 July 1935 as Subramanyam Mahadeva ) was the 69th Shankaracharya Guru and head or pontiff (Pï?h?dhipati) of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. Subramanyam Mahadeva Iyer was nominated by his predecessor, Chandrashekarendra Saraswati Swamigal, as his successor and was given the pontifical title Sri Jayendra Saraswathi on 22 March 1954.

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May he continue to shower his best blessings on all of us. Respectful tributes.

My take on Relationships and disability – story on

February 20, 2018 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

In this story on – only media that focuses on disability in India and publishes news in accessible way, I have shared my thoughts on relationships and disability including a personal experience.

This story may may provide inputs on what precautions to be taken while choosing a life partner. Read more on

If you have an experience or idea to solve such incidents, do feel free to leave a comment.