Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2023 – how did I celebrate?

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Wow, 12th edition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day witnessed several interesting events both in person and virtual across the world. It’s encouraging to see momentum is growing every year. I’m sure it’s fulfilling moment for its Founders Joe Devon and Jennison.

For GAAD 2023, I have been privilaged nad honored to participants in several events. Have sent a video message for GAADOnline talking about what’s new in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2. GAAD Online is a platform where they feature a few speakers and talks are available even for viewing later.

On 18th March, I have been the Chief Guest for an in-person event hosted by SAGE IT, a talent acquisition company based in Hyderabad in partnership with Sammilitha Foundation. I have addressed about 100+ participants and spoke about what accessibility is all about and it’s importance. During this event, SAGE IT have announced their new program called “Project Dhruv” which aims to create 1 Lakh jobs for people with disabilities in next 10 years.

My employer Freshworks have featured me on Life at Freshworks series and we have hosted a LinkedIn Live conversation between our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Stacey and myself. Glad to see that it was attended by about 200+ audience. It’s encouraging to see a lot of momentum have been created within Freshworksby hosting a few internal workshops and our Social Media team have made a few posts on our social channels to raise awareness.

Our friends at Watermark have made an incredible presentation at AccessU conference hosted by Knowbility. They would also be hosting a panel discussion at Watermark’s upcoming conference Watermark Engage.

One of the common mistakes that we see is lack of labels for controls. To celebrate GAAD, our friends at BarrierBreak ran a campaign called “Label your controls. They have shared several tips during the day about how develops can create labels for their controls on web applications.

Friends at Hyderabad have hosted an in person event under the banner Hyderabad Accessibility Professionals (HAP) in partnership with International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad. It’s great to see one of my first employers Shri. KY Vikram with who I have Co-founded Computer Training Centre for people with vision impairment at Hyderabad several years ago was their Chief Guest. Glad to learn that he has recalled his memories that we have had in the past.

Union Bank of India has celebrated GAAD by making posts about their initiatives to make banking more accessible. They have also delivered talk to Bank of Baroda. Good to see our friends Prashant Naik and Rahul Gambhir are helping bank to make a good progress on accessibility.

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