Life needs to be balanced; why?

No matter what stage we reach, we need to learn to adopt to live in any situation. A small story. Once upon a time, a wise man passes away, dhootas from Swargam will appear and appreciate all the great work he has done in life and they have come to welcome him to Swargam. Then he asks “Great; but please tell me pros and cons at Swargam”. Then they say “Well, no one has asked such a question before and you are the first one; at Swargam, you can enjoy a lot of peace, positivity, respect and happiness; flip side is that you can enjoy Swargam only for a while and then you will be again sent to earth”.

Hearing that, man refuses to go to Swargam and says “As you know, if a poor person gets rich, they get a lot of happiness and able to live with luxory; but if a rich person becomes poor, it will be difficult for them to survive because they are used to being rich. So if I get addicted to luxury life at Swargam, I may not be able to survive again on this earth; so I would prefer to continue living here.”

Learning from this story is nothing is permanant, we need to adopt ourselves that we should be able to enjoy life at any situation. There will be success and speed breakers in life. There won’t be any failures; there will only be speed breakers. We need to be bold and face any challenges.

Today, unfortunately, we see several news articles about suicide cases where people die for very simple reasons; specially youth – just for scoring less marks, when parents are teachers scold them, when there are difference of opinions with spouse etc., Any situation in life can be sorted out and we can lead beautiful life.

Let’s meditate a few minutes a day and a lot of positivity comes in our way.

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