My grand mother (mother’s mother) has left to heavenly abode

Smt. Ganti Visalakshi – our Ammamma

She was one who I always go to when I need an advice on traditional activities at home;

She was one of my favorite persons from my childhood;

She was one who I have seen someone always doing for others but not getting things done for her;

She was one who got me popcorn in my childhood;

She was one who took me to a few movies in my childhood;

She was one who helped me in several of my timelines of life such as marriage, house warming etc.,

That was my Ammamma (grand mother). In her last few days, she has suffered with cancer but she was active at least about 20 days ago. We were expecting her to alive at least for another few months but she left to her heavenly abode on 26th July, 2021 at 1:15am IST. I miss you Ammamma. Om Shanthi.

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