My experience in trading

For many years, I was under the impression that stock market is a highly risk area to invest money and have chosen to stay away for a long time. Yes, it’s true that investing in stock market is a risky thing if not done in a right way. For a couple of months now, I have been investing in stocks and it’s a great experience.

My inspiration

Hema’s uncle Shri. Tadimeti Sathya Murthy, a retired bank officer and I get into conversations about how carefully money should be used and how we can save. Quite often, he used to bring stock markets into conversation and he has been trading for about three decades. That triggered me to think when there was no technology and he was trading and why not I? So I decided to venture into invest smaller amounts into trading and see how it works.

My learnings

  • If your goal is for short-term, then you need to monitor market closely
  • It’s OK to bid even less than 3% of value while buying; most often transaction will go through by closure of market.
  • It’s OK to bid 2% more while selling and this would even go through; well, there is no guarantee
  • As a beginner, I just rotate a sum of some amount and beyond a limit, I will not pump in money to investment
  • I sell my holdings when they raise at least 10%
  • Ihave noticed markets going high on Monday and Tuesday and going down on Thursday evenings and Friday morning
  • I use a strategy of buying shares while market is down and sell while market is on higher side. (nothing new here)
  • I usually buy shares that are of government such as HUDCO or brands like TCS, Infosys etc.,
  • I place orders before market opens, then monitor market twice within the day and then finally check my orders at the market closure.

In summary, it’s a good place to earn profit if business is done with care. So far I’m enjoying and made a decent profit in two months!

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