Zomato customer service is awesome; but delivery staff needs to be better

In last few months, we were experimenting with food delivery services providers and earlier I have posted our experience about Swiggy. After continuous negative experiences with Swiggy, we have switched to Zomato.

User experience of the app is much better. Specially, if you choose a restaurant, app will show you if they would deliver in our locality or not. Also, it will show you the estimated time to deliver. In addition, it will show you dishes that we may have previously ordered. This will be handy, when we wish to just repeat a same order.

Often times we got the food delivered at least a few minutes befor the estimated time. But when it does not happen, customer service is really helpful.

A few of our recent experiences are that deliver personnel creates a mess. One such thing was yesterday. We have ordered for evening snack. After a few minutes, we got a call stating that there is a problem with vehicle and food will be delayed by 15-20 minutes. We have agreed. After few minutes, we have noticed on the app that delivery personnel has been changed.

We have reached out to the customer service via chat option. After investigation and a few arguments, they have agreed to refund as a token of apology and requested us to accept the order when it comes. We have received the refund and then noticed on the app that order has been cancelled.

We have approached customer service again and complained that it was a cheating. They have said, restaurant has claimed that we have declined the order. We told them to ask restaurant to prove the same and if they are able to, we are OK to pay them 1 Lac rupees and if they are at fault, ask them if they would want to pay. After few discussions, they have accepted that it was restaurant’s fault and given us credit of the order amount.

So through all of this experience, I have learnt that it’s investors who have to bear the loss for the fault of deliveruy personnel. But what I like about Zomato is when we explain the situation, they do investigate and provide compensation as appropriate.

It’s time for service personnel to be professionals. One last tip is do not accept faults from any service provider.

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