Observation with Service providers; they need us to sign a lot of documents; but they would not want to sign-up in writing

As we know, we need to sign-on several documents when we apply for any service or a transaction; but do we ever ask service provider anything in writing?

Recently we have applied for broadband connection from ACT Fiber; they have visited home and got us signed on a few documents along photo copy of documents related to proof of address. We have also opted to pay for 6 months in advance.

After a few days, we have got a call from their technical staff asking if they can come to install a junction box; also we need to provide them electricity. At least one of the eight costumers has to provide them with electricity. They would offer discount of 50 INR to that customer. When I have asked them to give the same in writing, they have declined saying we can look up this on the account statement but they would not give anything in writing. Now I wonder, while they have our signature at several places and take our documents as proof, what is their problem to give their commitment in writing?

So I have told them to refund our meoney and do not provide us their connection. Then they tells me refunds will be processed through NEFT and takes 15 days to process. I’m surprised which bank on this earth takes 15 days to transfer. Post that, their back end team started calling me asking if I would want to retain the connection. That is when I realised why they would need 15 days refund processing time. A couple of days later, I have received an email stating that refund has been processed. But when I have checked my back account, nothing has been credited. I have monitored for one week and then wrote an email. This means, if someone doesn’t follow-up, they would just forgot repayment. After my follow-up, they have made the transfer of amount. I seriously see issue of ethics with such service providers.

Coming to Airtel, they have not generated our broadband bill till date while actually we get it on 11th of every month. When we have reached out to their customer care, they so casually say “they may be technical glitch and we may get bill for 2 months in December”; who are they to dictate me to pay bill for 2 months together?

Seeing this, I wonder why these companies cannot be professional. I hope the world changes and we get better services.

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