Experience with eDrafter.in

Recently we were in need of drafting a rental agreement and I wanted to take a chance and explore online services and that’s when I came across eDrafter.

Firstly, it’s a simple application and all one needs to provide is primary details like parties who are making the agreement, details of agreement like if it is for renting a house, address of property and then if there are any additional terms and conditions.

There is an option to either seek a draft version by email and they would proceed on your approval or one can ask to print agreement without a draft. We have chosen to seek draft before printing. We have received a draft within 12 hours and modifications were addressed within 2 hours of our response.

They have provided options as to which e-Stamp paper it needs to be done and if we would like it to be notarised. All of this work have been done for 480 Indian Rupees and we have received our agreement in just 2 days.

Only thing that wasn’t addressed by service provider is that I have asked them to make a copy of the agreement and send along; which was not done. But that’s a minor.

Overall, I highly recommend services of edrafter.in.

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