Experience with Indigo airlines: Positive but time consuming for airlines

Recently I have travelled from Bangalore to Hyderabad with Indigo airlines. Their hospitality is just awesome as always. However, I found they are wasting a bit of time of their staff.

Since I wanted to try the experience of Airport Pool introduced by Uber, I have decided to leave home early. I have reached airport almost one and half hours prior to my flight time. At the counter, where I have received my boarding card, I was asked, if I would need assistance and I have opted to go for it. His name is Aditya (name changed for privacy reasons); he has helped me with security check, he has asked if I would want to have some lunch and then proceeded to boarding gate. There was about 1 hour time for my flight and he was sitting till I on-boarded to my flight. Instead he could have leave me at the gate and either come back closer to flight time or inform staff at the boarding gate.

More important thing is that he is not even an experienced personnel; That is his first job and he has joined four months ago. So this has proven that Indigo do include training on how to assist customers with disabilities and elderly. His aim is to grow in the aviation industry. We wish him all the best.

Thanks again, Indigo.

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