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My one month of cashless life!

After announcement of demonetization in India on 8th November, 2016 by The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, people were rushed to banks for exchanging old currency of 500 INR and 1000 INR. Due to non-availability of new currency notes, banks had to create their own rules in each branch thus there was some inconvenience to […]

Updates… CSUN, NAB Karnataka Elections, Indian currency, US elections etc.,

I’m excited that my submission titled “Accessibility Strategy for Existing, on-going and future digital products” has been accepted to present at 32nd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference to be held during March, 2017 at San Diego, USA. Though I am not yet sure if I would be ravelling for this conference due to budget limitations. Finally […]

An inspiring story – lesson to a beautiful lady

Received below an inspiration story on one of my WhatsApp groups. This story was shared in Telugu hence a translation is given. ???????????? ???????? ????? , ??????? ???? ?????????? ?? ?????? ????????????? ?????????? ?? ???? ???? ????????????. ????? ?????? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ?? ???? ????????? ????, ???? ??????? ????????????? ????????????…….!!! ? “?????? ?????? “????? […]

Memories with Yahoo both as an user and as an ex-employee

At At Yahoo! booth at Techshare India_4370293741_lYahoo! booth at Techshare India_4370293741_l

It’s again proved that any business go down; no matter how big or how historical they are. The company that has introduced internet to the world,Yahoo! has last night announced that Verizon to acquire Yahoo!’s operating business for about $4.8bn. Some of my memories with Yahoo! My first email address was which I have […]

Government helplines are proactive

Earlier when there is some problem with utilities like electricity or water and someone calls up the available helpline or department phone number, the response was either rude or a word like “we will look into”; but now things are changed. Helplines are more proactive. Some of my recent experiences in Bangalore. A month ago, […]

What would makes sense in public places – ramps, stairs, escalators, elevators?

I have been reading some thoughts about making public places in India accessible and I do have some thoughts about the same. Discussions are around entering one floor to another or changing platforms in Railway stations. The facilities can be introduced based on size of premise. We cannot practically have all of the options viz. […]

How to update AADHAR data?

Though we thought AADHAR generation takes a longer time (as per opinions seen on social media), our e-AADHAR got ready within 15 days of application. Truly appreciate the speedy process. But realized that my name got misspelled with one letter and that led us to look for ways how we can update the data. Even […]

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