Few ways that we can contribute to make our community a better place to live

If we think we have lot of problems around us in the community, let’s take a step back and think if we are responsible for it and can we make a difference? Here are a few ways that we can contribute to make our community a better place to live. These sound simple things but some of us ignore.

Don’t spit on the road

I often notice people spitting on the road while walking or while driving. Some even chew tobacco and spit on the road. This can be avoidable. For people who chew tobacco, I urge them stop that habit.

Don’t smoke in public places

In fact, don’t smoke at all. why would want to waste money once for smoking and then for recover from health problems it creates. If you still smoke, do not smoke in public places; specially we see people smoking at bakery points. While it not only causes health issues to you, but also people around you specially children. Care for others.

Do not dispose garbage on the streets

We notice this often in Bangalore.  People dispose garbage across the streets instead of disposing them to garbage collection vehicles. This is extremely dangerous and causes health issues to neighbours. Some people do it because collection staff seek a small tip and there is nothing wrong in it. Because they deal with your garbage, they deserve to get some tip even they are paid by government. We have also noticed some of garbage dump stations are just on the main road; for instance one near DRDO at CV Raman nagar, Bangalore. This causes a huge traffic problem in the morning and also stinks a lot. Another issue we have noticed is a drainage line is piped to lake that is close to children park in Kaggadasapura. Let’s demand government to fix such issues.

Do not jam at railway crossings and signals

A lot of vehicles just cross over other vehicles with an intention to be first to cross the railway crossings and signals; that actually causes jam to everyone. Even people who are coming from opposite side as well get into inconvenience. If we just follow traffic rules and use designated lines, we could fix a lot of traffic related issues.

Adhere to your commitment

We often see this with service providers. In the interest of not loosing business, they never say “no” and commit to all customers without realizing if they could meet the commitments. Then start finding excuses to delay. This not only affect on credibility, it waste time of customers too. It’s OK to be realistic rather than creating a negative impact on your brand.

There are more to add! But with little things, we can make a difference.

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