Election results 2019 – morning update: Loksabha & Andhra Pradesh

Today is the day that many of us are awaiting for. Verdict is given. As of writing of this post, YSRCP (YS Rajsekhar Reddy Congress Party) is leading in Andhra Pradesh with leading at 32 constituencies followed by Telugu Desam Party with leading at 6 places. It’s too early to decide who would win the majority. We may get clarity by noon or little later.

At Loksabha, BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is leading at 200 places followed by Indian National Congress (INC) at 60 places. For Loksabha, chances are higher for NDA to come in power.

Whoever comes into power, it is important to focus on development of nation and utilise parliament / assembly time effectively rather than fighting abot what other party has not done. Every party needs to focus on what they would do rather than investing time on finding faults of other party.

Will write a next update at 2:00pm.

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