International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IPDP) 2012, what are your plans?

I wish, I should have seen the United Nations Page on International Day of Persons with disabilities 2012 a bit earlier… Theme for this year is something very close to my heart. The theme of IPDP 2012 is “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all”. This is something truly meaningful and an urgent need. So what are your plans? Shall we all pledge to create an inclusive and accessible society for all? Great, at least, let’s have that dream and start working to that direction.

I know, it will not happen over night, but if we don’t try, we will not see that happening on any day. So, firstly, let’s put together the barriers that we face on regular basis and prioritize them. Then, let’s identify and bring in all the stakeholders. Explain them about each problem and it would be great to offer possible recommendations. Remember to tell them, why such a solution is important. I firmly believe, most often, problems can be addressed by talking and working together with stake holders and need not take any legal help. We see barriers, due to lack of awareness and not that anyone would ever have intention to create barriers. So, have you started listing down the barriers you see? Great, in the interest of time, we may not be able to address any problems before 3rd December, 2012 but at least let’s have a list ready and at least get a pledge and plan in place for addressing the issues. OK, did you ask me, where do we do? Good question, let’s start with wherever we work or study!! What do you say?

Another idea would be on 3rd December, 2012, create awareness among your own co-workers, show them, how you use technology or perform day-to-day job; if the applications you use, either job related or for intranet have accessibility issues, bring them to the notice of the people concerned and work with them on a plan to address the issue. Take your co-workers across your office and show them, if there are any infrastructure barriers. Remember to appreciate, if you notice any good work.

Feel free to share here whatever you have planned or done. Good luck, let’s make the auspicious event a grand success!

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