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Tip for people with low vision or blind: refer slides while presenting

September 11, 2016 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Usually in the conferences or training rooms, a podium is available on the stage for speaker so that he or she can refer to the notes or deck on their laptop. Now-a-days, culture of stage itself is going away and usually, laptop is connected somewhere and presenter will have a slide changer. There is no problem for sighted people where they can see the content on the projected screen; but challenging to people who are blind and low vision.

This is what I have been doing lately when I need to present at my work place or at a conference. I will have my slide deck available on my iPad (one can also use a android based tablet too) and refer my content and use slide changer to change deck for participants. Phone can be handy but not recommended for people with low vision, as the screen size is small, it will be difficult to refer.

Also, what I would usually do is share my slide deck in advance so in case there are any assistive technology users in my participants, they could benefit from it.

And when I am attending a training / conference, I usually ask presenters, if they can email me the deck or point me to a location where I can view. It doesn’t work always in case of conferences but in work places, it gets done. Other solution would be (this will help only low vision people) to login to digital conference like WebEx and view the slides.

Hope this helps someone.

Tip for low vision people: how to lid Agarabatti

September 8, 2016 • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

It’s small but might help someone with low vision. As some of you may know, I’m a person with low vision. I love spending sometime every morning in our Puja room (a room where we pray); usually I offer flowers and decorate God. I much wanted to light agarabatti and Deepam (light with oil and cotton thread). But can’t use match stick as it gets heated very fast and possibility of burning my fingers. Lighter could be one option but somehow it did not work for me.

Today, I took Agarabatti, first lightened our gas stove with lighter and then lighted Agarabatti on the gas for a few moments. Yes, it worked!!

Excited. Next effort should be find a way to light Deepam. Anyone has thoughts, please write in!