Tip for low vision people: how to lid Agarabatti

It’s small but might help someone with low vision. As some of you may know, I’m a person with low vision. I love spending sometime every morning in our Puja room (a room where we pray); usually I offer flowers and decorate God. I much wanted to light agarabatti and Deepam (light with oil and cotton thread). But can’t use match stick as it gets heated very fast and possibility of burning my fingers. Lighter could be one option but somehow it did not work for me.

Today, I took Agarabatti, first lightened our gas stove with lighter and then lighted Agarabatti on the gas for a few moments. Yes, it worked!!

Excited. Next effort should be find a way to light Deepam. Anyone has thoughts, please write in!

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  1. How about a electrical cigarette igniter that you see in shop, with electrical switch, should be also able to lit dhoop sambrani?

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