One of the thread taling about if a candidate should or should not mention their disability while writing resume?. Thought I would put my prospective here so that it may be helpful to many more. While I agree with my friend Sameer that it’s important to disclose disability to employer, my take is that it Continue reading “”

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For a long time, there were Braille Watches and Talking watches to help people with vision impairment to know the time. Talking watches were also helpful to everyone to know the time in dark specially when people are traveling in the bus. Now, it’s amazing to hear about Vibrating watch for visually impaired by Alexandra Continue reading “”

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Disclaimer: This is ABSOLUTELY my personal opinion and views expressed here are entirely of my own and with experience of being user with low vision. By no means this post is to offend anyone but to raise awareness about people with low vision. I often see posts in some public forums where members complain about Continue reading “”

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January: Started year by joining as contract employee at Google through HCL Technologies where I have directly worked with YouTube and oversee a few other projects including Hangouts. January also saw much awaited wedding of our Uncle Shri. Dattatreya Sharma and we have welcomed our aunt Smt. Vasundara to our family. Next in the same Continue reading “”

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It was always a difficult task to report a suggestion or complaint to Indian Railways as there would be no personnel available in time during journey and quite often we forget about it when we get off from the train. We feel who would go all the way to station master and report. If passenger Continue reading “”

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I usually don’t like writing in public and as far as possible, would like to resolve problems directly with organizations and always love to retain relationships with my past employers. Unfortunately my experience with HCL Technologies Ltd is bitter. This is certainly a choice that I regret in my career life. I think others may Continue reading “”

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It was in 2010, I wrote a post on how I would like to see disability organizations and we are now in mid of 2015; but I don’t see any much change. I got a call from a disability organization (I prefer not to mention the name) and person who called me is their employment Continue reading “”

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Hello everyone, Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and already a lot of energetic events including Inclusive Design Talks – #ID24 are happening across the world. Thanks to good friends, Jennison and Joe Devon who thought of creating such a platform to raise awareness in the community. The good part of this event is that Continue reading “”

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Quite often we see a person who just does a business showcases they are super busy and sometimes avoid responding calls or emails with an excuse that they are busy. But there is one person I am fortunate enough to know in my life who in spite heading a reputed technological institution and on the Continue reading “”

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I wanted to write this post about a year ago and finally able to get to it. My wife and I frequently travel by Indian Railways and for sometime, there are a few nice things that introduced by Indian Railways: Upgraded tickets: This happens when ticket has booked under waiting list. While booking the ticket Continue reading “”

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