Update: GST on Disability related aids and appliances – still need some rollback

Due to energetic and continued efforts put in by disability activists and others across the country, there has been some progress. Here is a quick updated shared by Mr. Javed Abidi of NCPEDP.

Based on the 16th GST Council meeting, the rates have now been revised and are as follows:

  • Braille Typewriters – 5%
  • Braille Paper – 5%
  • Braille Watches – 5%
  • Braillers – 5%
  • Carriages for disabled people – motorised or not – 5%
  • Orthopaedic appliances, including crutches, artificial parts of the body, hearing aids, etc. – 12%
  • Cars for physically disabled persons – 18%
  • Even though the rates for some goods have been reduced from 18% to 5 %, it is still not enough! These goods were not taxed earlier. Therefore, we are demanding for a complete rollback of the GST rates for ALL disability goods! #RollbackGST4 PwDs

I would support that at least for daily needs for people with disabilities should be exempted by GST. I would argue that cars for people with disabilities could be counted as an essential due lack of accessible transport system in the country.

Let’s continue the momentum and pressure Government to Roll back GST on disability related aids etc.,

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