Airtel makes false commitment

For last 3 days, our internet is not working. When we have first reported, as usual, they have registered a complaint and said it will be resolved within 24 hours. We have waited for almost 32 hours, the problem is not resolved nor anyone has contacted us. We have reached out to customer care again and they said, there was a fault in the line and they are looking into it and another estimated time was given as next 6 hours.

After 10 hours, there was still no resolution nor any communication from them. Again we have called up the customer care and they have said “last update about half an hour is that since there is a problem with wire, they are working on to replace the whole wire and got required approvals; it will get installed by next day morning 11am”.

Today until 12 noon, issue is not resolved and that’s when we have tweeted to @Airtel_presence; within 10 minutes we got a call back and an engineer has visited. But he has done only workaround by connecting line from elsewhere but not really they have replaced the faulty wire. Engineer has clearly mentioned that we don’t replace the wire and customer care says like that to all the customers.

As a result of no internet for 3 days, we had to use our mobile data which is far more expensive. This prompt me to think if we should switch to another service provider.

In last 6 years of dealing with Airtel, I have realized that their issues get resolved only when customer posts on social media.

Bottom line is for speedy resolution of issues related to Airtel services, tweet them or write on their Facebook page.

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