First aid for someone with seizure

Recently we had to consult Dr. Pramod Krishnan, Neurologist at Manipal Hospital and learnt a valuable advice from him on How to handle people who affected with seizures.

It’s common we see people give out key bunch and put some liquid into mouth. But sadly all that are myths for recovery and in fact, they may end up complicate the patients condition.

When someone is having is seizure, they will often experience involuntary movement, changes in behavior, and awareness for lasting a couple minutes to an hour. If you’ve never witnessed a seizure, you might be shocked, confused, scared, worried, or all of the above. The most important thing, however, is for you to remain calm. Here is what one should be doing to first patient who affected with seizure.

If they are sitting in a chair or so, slowly pull them down to floor and do not lift them or take them elsewhere. Once they are on the floor, turn them to one side either left or right and leave them until they come to normal condition. Carrying them to a bed etc., would cause additional complications. Don’t feed them anything. People cause seizures due to neurological reasons and not because they are hungry and someone pouring them a drop of liquids does not help them in anyway.

Then immediately consult a neurologist and get EEG test done. And just follow the doctor’s advice. Remember not to panic and avoid keeping key bunches etc.,

Hope this would be of help to someone.

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