My initial thoughts about Rotary Club

Our family along with Citizens of Tribal area and members of Rotary Kalyan

While I’m familier about Rotary Club for many years, recently our neighbour Sandeep J and his mother-in-law Smt. Manjula aunty have reached out to us asking if we are interested to be part of Rotary activities. I went for one of their weekly meetings and felt that Rotary is all about doing some service that comes to members mind, taking photographs and talk about it with everyone. I have also felt there is a sense of authority from a few members. But did not express my thoughts. I wanted to observe more and make a right decision.

Further I was invited for a few more meetings and a session about usage of first aid kit; but due to several reasons, I could not make it to any of them. Several weeks later, I was asked if I could join a visit to a tribal area as Rotary Kalyan plans to distribute Solar lights kit to citizens living in tribal area. I have decided to go with family though I was thinking things like, why are they distributing these? did citizens in tribal area have really asked for it? I always believe in quote “Nothing about us without us”. But still I wanted to join the event and observe.

We went along with Sandeep and his mother-in-law to a place near BR Hills in Bangalore; this is a remote area in Chamarajnagar district. A few rotarians have joined us at the venue. We could not get approval to visit tribal area which is within a forest but citizens from tribal area have come down to a Government School. During the event, I have learnt all of those families either living with lamps or candles or some of them even without any light. Rotary team have indeed carried out a door-to-door survey before making decision of Solar light distribution. With the limitede funding they could source, team was able to distribute to 23 families but am sure very soon, we should be able to distribute to all families. Having said that, distribution of solar lights is a sort of temporary solution unless we decide to cycle this activity for every 6 years until the Government build power infrastructure.

During the visit, we were also able to spend time with children in Government run residential school. Institution is well maintained and I wish we knew about plan of visiting children a bit in advance. We could have taken something for children. Glad that Sandeep was able to bring some biscuits. Overall the event was fruitful and it has been a great satisfaction to see smile on citizens from tribal area while accepting solar light kits.

Yesterday, I had a chance to attend Charter meeting of Rotary Kalyan which have completed 19 years of service. It’s good to hear stories of past Presidents as to how they got started with Rotary and how they got benefitted. A couple of stories touched my heart are that where feelow members have helped a couple of members during health emergencies of their parents. This means by joining Rotary, we not only get opportunity to serve community and make this world a better place to live but also, we build relationships in the community and that could be source of help as and when we need. I have also heard from a few members that Rotary not only help them get opportunity to serve community but also help them grow their own profession and business. So it’s win-win for everyone.

I’m looking forward to officially joining Rotary family in July.

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