End of era: Yahoo! Messenger is shutting down in July

Yahoo! Messenger logo

It was in the year 1999 when I got introduced to the world of Internet and my first email address was created on Yahoo! Mail which also got me access to the use of Yahoo! Messenger. It was the first instant messaging application in the world.

Yahoo! Messenger was one of the much needed software in my computer. Though it was introduced to Yahoo! Mail, it was still fun using as a stand alone application.

Yahoo! messenger was first to have chat rooms which I have used a lot and made a lot of new friends. Yahoo! Messenger was one of the first instant messaging products that has cared for accessibility and a lot of efforts have gone in.

It’s sad to see that request for invite from Squirrel home page.

Good news is that for next 6 months, users can download their chat history to computer / device. One needs to visit Request data page then login, verify using one of authentication methods such as receiving code by text or email, enter the same on the site and then click on download link. A while later, you will receive a link to download your data. Another flexibility is that you can choose an email address that you would prefer to receive notification. Announcement has clarified that there won’t be any impact on Yahoo! ID and users can continue to use for other services.

Thank you the awesome Yahoo! Messenger team for your hard work to make the app beautiful and easy to use. It was also a privilege to have been part of this journey at some point.

Good bye Yahoo! Messenger; you remain in hearts of many!

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