More Mega Store vs eZone of BigBazar

Last month, we have purchased a few home appliances and dealt with both More Mega Store and eZone of Big Bazar. Here is our experience.

We have first visited More Mega Store near Gopalan Mall and experience was horrible. Staff were not courteous; were not willing to find out the information that we needed. We have been receiving email communication from HDFC that we can convert payment at a shop to equal monthly instalments using our debit card. When we have inquired about the same, staff were just refused to even find out the information. They are just stuck with their usual information that EMI option is available only for credit card holders. Attitude of staff at this shop was like “if you want to buy, go for it or just leave”; they were not willing to explain features of products too.

Then we have visited More Mega Store in Mahadevpura; here the staff are much better. They have explained product details really well, as we have opted to buy using Bajaj Finance, they have connected us with its representative; procedure was very simple, submitted all desired documents over an email and even they did not demand for a cancelled check for ECS purpose; things got done with MMID number. Product was delivered before 2 hours of the committed time. Even customer care was very helpful.

Then a few weeks later, we went to eZone of Big Bazar to purchase another appliance. Staff were decent enough to explain the feature though they were demonstrating on a different gadget actual unit that we would be purchasing. They have made a promise that our gadget will come with a freebie worth of 4000 INR. This time, we have opted to go for Capital First finance option. It was not as easy as Bajaj Finance; they need everything as a printed copy in spite their customer care tells us that we can upload online.

Product was delivered after 3 days of the committed date. Reason being shown that their invoice system was not functioning and all the deliveries got delayed; they were saying since it has happened to all customers, no one should question. Even when I have made a complaint through customer care service, it got closed after a few hours without even talking to me. When the product got delivered, Freebie did not come with it. When questioned, there was no stock hence we need to collect it from store after 10 days. This is awful responsibility and cheap marketing trick. When we have threaten them we will report on social media, they have agreed to deliver freebie home. We are still waiting.

We shall never recommend eZone of Big Bazar located at Phoenix Market City, Bangalore.

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