Master minds – Telugu Inspirational movie

Just watched Masterminds Telugu movie on YouTube. This is an inspirational movie. Three children could change mindset of a terrorist from his thoughts of burning Indian flag to have him salute Indian flag and make him feel he would want to born in India if he has next life.

Summary of the movie

Story starts with a morning pledge at Viswa Shanti School and then classes get started. A teacher punishes a child as child could not respond to a question. Then Principal talks to the teacher and says “Sir, these kids don’t get enough affection at their home; hence it’s our responsibility to give them that missing affection; if we teach them with love and passion, they will gain a lot of knowledge” and teacher agrees to Principal’s input.

While Principal take a rounds in the school, a student stops him; asks him how the remote control function? As conversation goes on, student asks the Principal, if anyone can develop remote control on own; Principal says “Yes, but why to do that, when we can buy it in the market?”; student replies “Well, sir, there are hotels, why do we cook at home?” Principal gets impressed and assure Sampath (Student name) that they will arrange a lecture on how to develop a remote control.

Sampath returns home and keep experimenting with TV remote control; then develops a 2 button remote control for one of his toys.

One day Principal informs students aboutTsunami (natural calamity) and says we the community should help needy people. Sampath, Harsha and Praneetha gets inspired and decideto visit other schools and collect funds for the relief activities. When they have collected funds, Principal appreciates them and says “let’s meet the Chief Ministry to handover these funds along with some money from our school too.” Chief Minister appreciate the children for their thought at such a young age and school for encouragement.

It was time for annual sports meet; Principal wishes children all the best and says all of them will come back with great victory at National level. Sampath inboxing, Harsha in Karate and Praneetha in running wins the first respectively among many other students. While giving away the prizes, Chief Minister congratulate all the children.

In the meantime, Chief Minister declares ban on Tobacco business and those affected business people make a plan to kill the Chief Minister while his visit to inaugurate a hospital. Coincide with, children of Viswa Shanti school were traveling in their school bus; Sampath was able to divert the toy car with his two button remote to elsewhere and that has saved the Chief Minister.

Then Chief Minister visits the school and appreciate children for saving his life. Offers 6 Lakhs INR to the school from Chief Minister’s Fund. Students refuses to accept the fund and requests Chief Minister to use the same for children who are in medical need. Chief Minister gets impressed.

When exams are approached, Principal call all the children and give his best wishes and says “Like you have shown great progress in sports, show good results in exams and we will all go for a south tour”. Principal also arranges a hand writing workshop to teach good hand writing techniques to students. Exams get over and children get passed with colorful first class ranks! As promised, Principal arranges for a picnic. Praneetha’s parents do not agree to send her but Harsha and Sampath convince them.

While this is happening, police officials try to arrest KK (man who attempted to kill the Chief Minister), he gets escaped and reaches a forest.

During the picnic, while children are enjoying the beautiful constructions, Sampath’s toy fell downside of the hill. 3 kids walk around in search of his toy and go missing with other group and they walk deep into forest.

In the forest, KK join hands with a Pakistan terrorist and they together sketch a plan to kill the Chief Minister. They could find those 3 missing children and call the chief minister. Once the Chief Minister arrives, terrorst asks children to do tough activities like breaking stones, running on pices of glass etc., In the meantime, police catches the terrorst and about to kill him. Then children says not to kill him and explain the real meaning of movement. Movement means not to kill each other but to work in a constructive way. This opens eyes of terrorst and he will feel sad.

Watch the move and encourage children to do right things.

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  1. Ashwin Avatar

    Hello Sir! I don’t miss any of your blog posts. I really appreciate your time and efforts in writing informative blogs. I will definitely take my 11 year old daughter to watch this movie!:)

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