My experience with BlaBlaCar – a step towards green!

I’ve learnt about BlaBlaCar (nice name!) about a year ago through ads and recently experienced it both as a co-traveller as well as offered rides.

When our second child was born in July, I have visited Tirupathi and since we cannot estimate our departure time, I decided to search on BlaBlaCar after my darshan at Tirumala. When I searched on BlaBlaCar, found a few rides and booked one available for the evening. Vamsi was driving to Bangalore and he has requested if I’m OK to start with 30 minutes delay and he was on agreed time. It was a smooth drive to Bangalore with a quick break for dinner.

Next it was early September, when my grand father has passed away, I visited Guntur for his final rituals and on return, tried searching rides to Bangalore and there were a couple of rides were available. I picked on again that is available in the evening. Once I booked and shared this experience with my family, one of my uncle who came for the same wanted to go to Tirupathi, so we called Ravi to check if he still have 1 seat. He has agreed. It was his new Ciaz vehicle which he just bought and taking the same to Bangalore. During the ride, we had a fantastic discussions about politics, life etc., It was an awesome ride. Not only that, Ravi actually have dropped me at my house.

Early October, I wanted to visit Hema and children (who are currently at Tanuku) and due to festive session, there were no bus tickets and train travel appears to too long. So thought why not, I offer a ride this time, scheduled a trip using BlaBlaCar’s iOS app and within next two days, I got my co-travellers. Though they have booked up to Vijayawada, all 3 of them travelled with me till Tanuku (of course, paid me the full amount till Tanuku). Not just that, I also got a couple with 2.5 years kid booked to share ride with me on my return journey too. Since they have a small kid, I went ahead and closed booking though there is a seat left. It was again a comfortable ride and we have arrived at Bangalore early in the morning.

I indeed like the concept of BlaBlaCar. It saves our costing on fuel and by sharing rides, we are also doing a bit to reduce pollution. And bonus is we are able to make some new friends.

I recommend and wish them all the best.

2 responses to “My experience with BlaBlaCar – a step towards green!”

  1. Steve Sawczyn Avatar

    Wow, that sounds like a fantastic service. I don’t know if we have something similar in the US, but if not, we could sure use it especially in larger cities.

  2. Srinivasu Chakravarthula Avatar

    Absolutely, Steve. Thanks for reading.

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