Google Apps Support team is awesome

I recently had to reset password for one of my google apps accounts and sadly, I did not have access to recovery phone number that I configured. So other option is by verifying ownership of domain; which requires us to add a CNAME to the DNS.

I went ahead and added CNAME as per instructions provided as alternate recovery method; this would need an alternate email address where Google can contact in order to reset the password and this email must be other than the one belongs to domain.

I have received an email that has instructions to initiate password reset. A form is displayed with a few questions including number of users in the domain, date that domain got created etc., Usually when we provide wrong information, a message may be displayed stating that information provided was incorrect; contact Google support; But Google Apps Support system is intelligent; when I have provided some information incorrectly and submitted the form, it has automatically created a support ticket.

Within next 6 hours of time, I have received a response from support explaining steps to add CNAME etc., but as I have already donw with that process, I have replied the same; and within 30 minutes of time, I have received a call where Joan (name changed), an agent from Google Apps (now known as G Suite) Customer support; she has asked a few questions and then requested me to join a hangout call and share my screen. Through that, she has helped me to reset my password and configure other recommended settings. It was all done within 20 minutes. Joan is very knowledgable. Google, thank you for having such a high professional customer support team. Thank you!

Resource: Reset your administrator password – G Suite

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