My initial thoughts on iOS 10 Public Beta

Recently, I have installed iOS 10 Public Beta on my iPhone 6. A few comments.

Firstly, if you are signed up for iOS 9 Beta, you will not notice iOS 10 Public Beta in the Software Update. What you need to do is to remove iOS 9 and then re-enroll your device.

To begin with, let’s talk about nice things!

  • Noticed responsiveness is faster
  • Improved font for lock screen
  • Introduced Magnifier option in iOS; this is incredible, helps user to read printed material using combination of camera and magnifier feature.
  • Color filters are introduced under display accommodations to help users with color blindness
  • Introduced touch accommodations to help users with motor disabilities. This enable users to configure
  • Not quite sure but there is an announcement of a feature similar to TTY
  • Now users can delete in-built apps that come with iOS

A few things that I’m not impressed with:

  • I have been the fan of using default mail app for a long time. New app by default shows mails in threaded view but found such a view is unusable. It was a bit difficult to read through conversations. So I had to turn off view messages as thread option in mail settings. Unfortunately, now I need to deal conversation as single messages
  • While using an app, if a notification is arrived, earlier alert used to be with light color text on dark background; now it appears dark text on light background. It causes a bit confusion as color scheme conflicts with app colors.
  • While increase of font size is good, I personally found a problem especially while transacting with Bank notifications of OTP. Earlier OTP could right fit into notification alert, so I can see the number and type in, but now due to increase of font size, full OTP number is not displayed. I may have to play around settings
  • Home app sounds interesting but sadly doesn’t seem to work in India. Dear Apple, you are charging same price from customers across the world, so please feel responsible to offer same features.

There are many more improvements and issues with iOS 10 but sounds like there is a great progress (as always) from accessibility prospective.

Link to What’s new in Accessibility on Apple devices

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