All is well…

Ah, by the grace of God, blessings of our Guruji, wishes from all our family members and friends, thankfully all is well now!

On 25th June, 2016, week-end has begun as usual, we had a nice breakfast, started watching a movie (but soon our daughter wanted us to entertain her with something else), prepared food for lunch… and then suddenly dear Hema complained that she has bleeding and we called our gynecologist who advised us to rush to Manipal Hospital. Luckily, we found a driver and reached hospital within 45 minutes; by then Dr. Gayathri has alerted her staff and medication has started; but they have almost decided to deliver baby after the scan. Fortunately, scan result was normal and Dr. Gayathri has decided to put her under 24 hours observation. Over the night, Hema was put on several injunctions.

Next day morning, we have noticed delivery of 2 babies in the next room and that reminded us memories of Khushi’s born. Hema has recovered but appeared that her sugar levels are gone high a bit and that requires observation of another 24 hours. My mother-in-law has arrived all the way from Tanuku (thanks a lot for financial support too).

On day 3, even sugar levels have come to normal but still she has adviced to put on medication for sometime. Finally got discharged by the evening and returned home. Now all is well but Hema needs more rest than usual and some additional medication.

Note: this kind of situation is counted under pre-maternity expenses and insurance provider will pay only INR 3000/-. It would be great if either insurance provider or hospital informs the customer in advance. It enable customers to make early arrangements.

Ah, now all is well thankfully.

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