Thank you note on the occasion of Global Accessibility Awareness Day

On the eve of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I would like to thank a few individuals and organizations who have helped and supported me to grow myself in the area of accessibility.

Thank you The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch, a place where I started thinking about web accessibility. It all began when we have built website for NAB Karnataka for the first time with so much of JavaScript, layout tables, images with no alt etc.,

Thanks BarrierBreak (then Net Systems Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd.,) and Shilpi Kapoor, who showed me path to accessibility. This is where I have learnt about international standards, real need of accessibility.

Thanks Sandeep Datar, who gave me an opportunity to work on accessibility at large IT organizations such as Yahoo!.

Thanks Victor Tsaran, who helped me a lot in improving my technical skills and communication skills. Also, thank you, Victor for wonderful work you have been doing.

Thanks Steve Faulkner and Mike Paciello for the wonderful work you guys are doing in standards space. Mike, thank you for enabling me to talk at CSUN 2011.

Thank you Jim Thatcher – you are my first resource when I started learning accessibility.

Thank you Jared Smith and WebAIM, you are my first ever accessibility evaluation tool that I have used.

Thank you Ted Drake, Nawaz Khan, Dennis Lambree for all the passionate work you have been doing.

Thank you HCL Technologies for helping me to work on projects at Google. Thank you Naresh, Anitha for your passion, quick learning attitude.

Thank you, Dipendra Manocha for fabulous work on bringing innovative solutions to people with blindness.

Thank you, Kiran Kaja for great work in the accessibility space.

Thank you Srivatsan, Atul and everyone at Informatica for providing great encouragement.

Thank you Deque team for enhancing my evaluation skills. Thank you John Foliot for introducing me to get involved in W3C Activities.

Thank you Jennison and Joe for coming up with idea of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. This indeed creating a lot of awareness.

Thank you, Knowbility for wonderful work to make the world inclusive.

A big thank you dear Hema, without your support and encouragement, nothing would be possible.

I’m sure, there would be many more who deserve to be in this list. Remember if I miss you here, it’s not intentional.

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