Tribute to Louis Braille on his birthday

January 4th is birth anniversary of Louis Braille. Louis was born in the year 1809.

Blinded in both eyes as a result of a childhood accident. But he has accepted his disability and adopted the the life with blindness. That attitude not only gave him a successful life but also became inspiration to the society. Perhaps, Braile happens to be the first ever accessible medium to enable people with vision impairment to read and write and Braille is only script that enable people who are deaf and blind to read write.

It’s true that today there are many technologies such as screen reading software to help visually impaired to get education and of course everyone should adopt to current technologies. That said, still it is recommended that Braille is taught to school children and encourage them to read a lot of books. As sighted people can learn to spell only when they see and read, it’s true that Braille is the only format that would help people with blindness to see and read through touch. Of course, assistive technologies do provide options for people to read by character but often children do not concentrate doing so; but with Braille, same will happen automatically.

So to conclude Braille and modern technologies are equally important and let’s pay a tribute to Louis Braille on his birth anniversary. Thanks to everyone who are celebrating this day across the world.

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