@hcltech – I didn’t feel good experience with you

I usually don’t like writing in public and as far as possible, would like to resolve problems directly with organizations and always love to retain relationships with my past employers. Unfortunately my experience with HCL Technologies Ltd is bitter. This is certainly a choice that I regret in my career life. I think others may benefit from my experience and be cautious.

When HCL has approached me, picture given to me that they have an accessibility project from a big customer plus they have commitment to expand accessibility service to several customers and they would need my help in building that practice and heading the unit. That is what excited me to leave an awesome full time job at PayPal and HCL. There were numerous calls from HCL asking if I can join quickly as client is just waiting for my arrival. PayPal was kind enough to relieve me within less than 20 days without any condition.s Guess what? I have accepted HCL offer at less package than PayPal and HCL has offered me joining bonus. They have insissted me to relocate to Hyderabad (told that it was client’s request, which is not true anyway). Interesting enough, I had to do several follow-ups for temporary accommodation and even then nothing was arranged nor communicated until I have reached Hyderabad (thank god we have family here in Hyderabad). Another unprofessional activity took place at HCL was a person who referred me was asking my pay slip of previous employer and not HR personnel.

When I reached office of HCL, there was no one to assist and I had to ask several security personnel and find the induction room (folks who are supposed to induct came 20 minutes late!).

When the induction got over, firstly reporting manager was unavailable and he has requested another team member to take care of me. He took me to an area where employees who are in bench spend time and that has some shared desktop computers. Hmm. for a new employee, there was no perfect welcome cluture, no desk was allocated nor a work machine.

When I have approached reporting manager asking about project, he says he has no clue and awaiting response from sales team. Sales team shows so many promises (all false) and indeed trouble delivery teams. Trust me, after spending 3.5 months of idle time (besides training a few other employees), was assigned to a project that too as a Test engineer and project period is only 3 months. Good part is that this client is Google! Although I was assigned for one product, I took the initiative and was supporting other product teams hence a few projects got extended at Google. I’m happy that my team members have got to work. Irony is that sales team did not put in enough efforts to get the project continued and team members get to work on new projects. I was even helping HCL by talking to other customers even during non working hours and sometimes during holiday. At some point where client has a problem of time zone, I have recommended that we would work during shift while there was so many challenges with transport etc., O one more thing, HCL couldn’t accommodate transport facility to employees with disabilities.

After putting in so much of efforts, I figured out that HCL is not the right place for me to work and when I proposed my resignation, firstly reporting manager wanted to check with several other people before I put in my formal resignation. When I resigned, HCL wanted me to serve 3 months notice period without fail and stupid thing is that they hold salary of 1 month; which clearly states they don’t trust their employees. Surprisingly, even they ask people to serve notice period those who are in bench too. When I raised a few concerns about holding up salary, a senior executive doesn’t like to be kept in loop and wanted me to deal with junior level employees and at the least, I can copy reporting manager. Instead she could have bravely answered if they have any reason:-(

Worst part was they have deducted joining bonus and relocation cost in the full and final settlement. Irony is that they have never mentioned about it during the conversation nor it was mentioned in offer letter. (it was mentioned in an annexure to offer letter).

Bottom line is HCL is a company who doesn’t treat its employees well, doesn’t have any professional culture when it comes to communication, it’s a place where career of an individual gets spoiled. They make employee’s life complicated when they need something to get done but they don’t help employees in any manner.

It was indeed unfortunate to have chosen HCL as one of my employers.

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