Break barriers and open doors: for an inclusive society & development of all

The United nations (External link) has set the theme for 2014’s International Day of Persons With Disabilities as Break barriers and open doors: for an inclusive society and development for all.

As we are aware today there is so much of advancement in technology and people with disabilities could take up several jobs. There are only two things:

  1. Employee needs to ensure he or she has enough skill and ability to update from time-to-time as per industry needs
  2. Employer should ensure reasonable accommodation is provided to employee and their infrastructure, processes, systems are accessible to their employees with disabilities

While you observe the activities being hosted at several locations, one of the simple thing you can do yourself to celebrate this day. Walk around your office, list down barriers you think that needs fix to support people with disabilities and bring them to the notice of your concerned team.

Encourage your employers to see how they can hire people with disabilities.

Talk to at least 5 people around you about people with disabilities and how they can lead an independent life.

I’m so happy to see Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi tweeted asking everyone to pledge that we provide equal opportunities to people with Disabilities. I also appreciate the commitment as tweeted by Shri. N Chandra Babu Naidu, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Happy Day ahead!

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