Update 3rd January 2014

Ah! it was rather a hectic Friday; had a lot of meetings at my day job including an interesting conversation with a vendor. Wow, their team is just amazing and quite keen to learn new stuff.

Watched (again) an interesting conversation about keyboard accessibility between two experts Victor Tsaran and Nicholas Zakas. Recommend everyone who love develop web apps to watch this insightful video.

Installed Duplicates cleaner for iPhoto; wow! an amazing app that automatically detects duplicate images in the library. Thanks to Bill Scott for sharing.

It appears that we don’t have to sync in order to transfers files from PC to iPod, iPhone or iPad. Read Apple’s support article on transferring files from PC to iPhone

Compose button on Twitter app for Mac has poor color conrast. Reported to Twitter’s Accessibility Team and I’m sure they would fix it soon. BTW, Thank you guys for fixes on iOS app with regards to back button.

Noticed Assembly session have started at Hyderabad but got adjourned for tomorrow just in a couple of hours time. I wonder why all these politicians waste their time.

In one hand I see Aam Admi Party is offering subsidies in Delhi and I just saw the news about hike in petrol prices (yet again). I wish AAP would expand its activities to ore states.

Had conversation with a couple of friends and of course with my sweetheart!

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