Last two weeks and a holy trip to Shirdi

Wow, our little angel is already one month! I surpassingly visited Hema’s home town on 5th January 2014 and had a two days of joyful time with Hema and little angel! Back in Bangalore on 7th January and was busy with work for rest of the week. A lot of planning is happening for upcoming participation at Techshare India (External link) Conference.

10th Jan evening, my travels have began… Visited my uncle’s family on 11th Jan morning and then joined Hema, our little darling, my mother and mother-in law at Vijayawada station for our trip to Shirdi. Nothing would stop, if we are distant to visit Shirdi; Our wait listed tickets got confirmed and we have reached Shirdi on 12th January, 2014. This is the first trip for our little angel to Shirdi – How lucky she is!

On <12th post lunch we went to have darshan at His Holiness Shri. Shirdi Sai Baba Teple and Hema, our little darling and myself were allowed directly through the main entrance. Personnel were very helpful. While we were having a darshan, A blessing has come in the form of a shawl from Samathi. When we shared this incident with our Guruji, he confirmed that His Holiness wanted to convey us baby is of his gift to us; Very blissful.

Next Guruji and all other devotees are arrived from Hyderabad and preparations for Godha Kalyanam were began with Mangala Snanam (auspicious bath) for Lord Shri. Ranganatha Swamy and Shri. Godha Devi.

Evening we went for another round of Darshan and this time, we are absolutely blessed that Priest at the temple took baby from us and kep at the Lotus feet of His Holiness Shri. Sadguru Sai Baba for a few minutes. We are all really blessed. Special thanks to Vanaja aunty who informed us about such a possibility. We spent about a couple of hours at the temple and returned to the hotel.

On 14th January, under the auspicious hands of our Gurji, Godha Kalyanam was performed and everything was performed just similar to a wedding of a couple. Baby received her first blessings from Guruji too.

That evening, Hema, little darling with our parents boarded the train and I left to Mumbai on work. Besides work met with old colleagues at BarrierBreak and lovely Sumit bhai, bhabhi and kids. Wow, kids have grown up and given some tips as to how they could make their career.

O my god, traffic at Mumbai is just too much and I don’t think I would ever again prefer to travel by road in Mumbai city. But one thing I like about Mumbai is that both auto rickshaws and taxis do charge just by the meter; which is unusual in several other cities.

Did some shopping for our little angel and Hema and back home on 16th January night! BTW, Indigo now has food menus and instructions available in Braille and they do announce the availability in the flight.Good going Indogo!

And yes, we have received response from Taxi For Sure and they would be making their app accessible in a version or two. Stay tuned.

Good night for now!

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