Welcome darling! you gave us an incredible experience

On 5th December 2013, we had been to clinic for a quick check and noticed Hema’s Blood Pressure is a bit high than usual and doctor advised us to visit Manipal for a test. Then She asked us to check again for a day and report. Next day (6th December, 2013), we though lets check BP in the morning and evening again. So visited one of our closest family doctor Ellora Sahoo. When she checked BP, she asked us to visit maternity team immediately. We straight drove down to Manipal Hospitals. After a series of quick tests, Dr. Gayathri has decided that Hema is all set to deliver a baby and advised us to admit in the hospital.

Next two hours was quite busy with all formalities including filling up of corporate forms etc., Towards the evening doctors have started giving medication to increase pains and at 10:46 pm, in midst of all anxiety, we welcomed our baby girl to this wonderful world. I would never forget that moment of hearing new born crying and first touch of our very own sweetheart.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Gayathri Karthik, Dr. Mala and their team for all their guidance, support.

We thank everyone for warm wishes.

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  1. Kameshwari Avatar

    God bless 3 of u 🙂

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