2nd December, 2013 Update

Was a busy day! Have done work at my day job and towards the noon on represented The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch at a press conference organized by GudVille – a start up that has a platform for non-profits to spread word about their activities and get connected with more friends and supporters.

My personal prospective is that non-profits should understand the programs they participate in and also should go away from charity mode. Every program will have its purpose and one may have concerns but it’s always good to first have a conversation privately with respective organizations rather blaming in public.

Later been to the office of LIC Housing to pay some of my dues but sadly they do not currently accept debit / credit cards and I did not have cheque book in hand. But had an interesting conversation with the Area manager.

Received feedback from the client and it’s my bad that I just missed some part of the work. Sorry client, rest assured it will be done soon.

Had a wonderful chat with my cousin Chaitanya! Nice talking you brother!

Emailed a set of constructive ideas for fund raising to NAB Karnataka.

Ah! tomorrow is International Day of Persons with Disabilities and I already see several organizations have planned up a lot! An exciting tomorrow ahead. Stay tuned.

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