29th & 30th November 2013 update

Our car went for second service and glad that vehicle is in good condition. Surprisingly, vendor did not suggested us to install any additional things!

Friday evening attended appreciation event for this children, teachers and schools who are raising funds for The National Association for the Blind Karnataka Branch. It is amazing to see the energy in kids and glad that parents and schools are encouraging kids on social activities at the childhood itself. As Mr. Reddy (Deputy Inspector General of Police) rightly pointed out such kids are the source for better tomorrow!

BTW, we wish Tadimeti Deepthi & Kalyan Chaitanya a very happy anniversary! God bless you guys and lead a love filled and successful life ahead!

Saturday took Hema for a Glucose Tolerance Test (my darling couldn’t have breakfast until 10:30 am…) and glad that result is just fine. God bless my sweetheart and December is indeed an exciting month for us!

I was supposed to go and attend India Inclusion Summit but thought I should contribute more for the progress of the National Assocaition for the Blind Karnataka Branch! I’m sure India Inclusion Summit went well and I enjoyed all the tweets!

Then attended board meeting at The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch. Glad that we are going in right direction, lots of good work and partnerships are lined up. Looking forward!

Spoke to a long time friend, Prany and looking forward to meeting him next week! Hello Airtel and other Internet Service Providers, you should look around Electronics city, there are a lot of customers who are in need of internet connection!

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