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I have been using (external link) for sometime now and never had an opportunity to experience to interact with their customer service before. Recently I had a trip to Hyderabad and tickets were booked through Here is my experience.

I traveled from Chennai to Hyderabad and return. Onward journey was smooth except that the head phones given in the bus did not work well. But that’s OK to compromise. Return trip was not pleasant.

Return trip was booked on SVR Travels (External website). The bus was delayed by about 40 minutes and when we called up the coach attendant, he was rude in answering. Just before the mid-night, it seems driver dashed vehicle with some other vehicle and glass window of one of the windows got damaged. Fault is from our driver himself. And suddenly AC in the bus stopped functioning and when we reported, driver was not willing to looked into and respnded with a rude tone. Whole night, AC did not work in the bus. as soon as it was 6:30 in the morning, I tried reaching out to SVR Travels via the phone numbers on their website’s contact page. None of the numbers wnet through. Tried reaching out Customer service and found they operate only between 7:30 am to 11 pm. Called them again at 7:30 am, someone asked me to send in an email to their support email address. Hmm, they cannot create a complaint ticket. When I sent an email, I got an automatic response that I would get a reply within 24 hours. After a few hours, I have received a response stating

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we will ensure to serve you better next time

as this response appears to me that the reply was sent without any investigation. I called up their customer service and I was told they will escalate the issue and I should get a call within next 24 hours. Same thing happened for next 72 hours. There wasn’t much of the action from in spite of me calling them. But thanks to the power of social media, when I pinged @redbus_in on Twitter, I got a very quick response. Initially on twitter too I got the same response that they will make sure to serve better next time but unwilling to talk about what has happn=ened. When I stressed, they worked with the operator and I was initially told that the operator declined to my complaint. I have suggested them to bring up contacts of all the other passengers and do the investigation. Magically after 5 minutes, I got another call stating that operator agreed the fault and was ready to refund the sum of amount INR 300 which I am yet to receive. But when I questioned redBus team for the compansation towards inconvenience caused by their own team with the whole issue, they told me that they will discuss with their management and revert to me at the earliest possible which is not happened yet. It’s almost a week now!

Well, all I want to urge all service providers is either provide professional service or be accountable for the services you offer. Money is hard earned for everyone. Surprisingly during this process I have heard from customer service that he is not someone who is working on the case and at the same time, he cannot transfer the call to concerned person. Each time you call them, get a static answer that “we are sorry for the inconvenience caused, we will escalate the issue and you will hear back within next 24 hours”. Dear, train up your teams please. As you do not expect any trouble from customers, you guys do not have any right to trouble customers. If you can’t serve in a professional way, may be it’s time to shut down the business.

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By Srinivasu Chakravarthula

I am an enthusiast of accessibility and classical music.