Census Experience by people with disabilities

During Census 2001, there were only about 21 million people with disabilities were counted and whereas, there are about 70 million people with different disabilities in India. It is so important that every person with disability get counted and only then it will be easy to approach for reasonable accommodation, accessibility and equal opportunities. So let’s get counted. Remember that Question 9 of Census 2011 is answered effectively and that question is about disability. Here are some of the instances faced by different individuals during the counting.

  • Enumerator did not ask about disability
  • Enumerator visited home during the absence of member with disability in family
  • Enumerator skipped the question 9 but addressed when a member with disability reminds them
  • Enumerator did not bother even a family member points out the same

Get counted and share your experience here! Let’s send a collective document to authorities.

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