How social networking is useful?

It’s been some time, whole world talk a lot about Social Networking. I thought let me share my personal experience with different social networks.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site and I think, almost every professional use it a lot. Using LinkedIn, one can find people in relevant industry, career opportunities, get information about events of interest, get and share knowledge through it’s groups and much more! Here is how I got benefited by LinedIn:

When there was an opportunity at Yahoo!, a hiring Manager connected with me on LinkedIn and asked if I know anyone in the area of accessibility and would be interested to lead their accessibility initiatives at Yahoo! India R & D. I have forwarded a few contacts including my own profile. Further, things ran into regular job selection formalities and I got into Yahoo! India R & D to lead the accessibility efforts!

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Yahoo! has a such a powerful platform, once you change your status, it will reflect across your Yahoo! networks, including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Pulse etc. Not only that, Right from Yahoo! Home page, you can access to any site you would want by adding them to your favorites on Yahoo! Home page. In addition, right from Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Pulse, you can share your updates with Facebook External Website.

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Twitter is a micro blogging site and today’s it becomes very powerful sharing tool on the world wide web! Using Twitter, one can:

  • Share what you think in a short message
  • Stay tuned to the people or industry you may be interested in
  • Spread a news or new development in your life, business or anyting
  • You can re-tweet the thoughts of people you follow
  • Make a quick notes of a conference

Here is an additional benefit and let me explain how I used it; while I was in any conference, either if I want to meet someone or they want to meet me or even know where I am, it’s difficult to pick the phone and call while we are in midst of too many people. The best solution we have used to send a Direct Message!

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