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Yesterday, we have visited newly opened campus of Isha Foundation at Chikkaballapur, towards Hyderabad Highway from Bangalore. It’s a huge premise being built to promote Dharma. It’s being built with high standards to ensure comfort of its visitors. Yesterday, they have arranged live streaming the activities happening from Isha Foundation, Coimbatore on account of Mahashivaratri.

Spiritual places such as Isha Foundation are meant to create a peaceful atmosphere. If we do right things, we will gain a great sense of energy. Right thing here I mean is we should just spend whatever time we spend there by sitting at a place and meditate. What made me feel disappointing is that almost 90% of people were just taking photographs and talking all usual topics of the world. I do understand some people would love to have a few photographs asa memory of the visit. That’s fine but they should limit the amount of photographs they take. I would also urge organizations such as Isha Foundation to create some place that is meant for photography. People can spend about 15 to 20 minutes for creating their memories.

I don’t say you should trust me right away but at least try in your next couple of trips where you just observe the place and meditate, am sure you will get a lot of positive energy. You don’t have to think about its history, who has built, who has sponsored etc., just observe the architectue and many places in India will get you a lot of positive energy.

To feel this message makes sense, I would urge all those who have visited any place in the recent past, ask yourself, what have you done with all the photographs that you have taken in the recent trip? Have you at least created an album (even a digital one)? Have you added image description to reflect your memory? Have you created a post with photographs describing about the place on your social network? If your honest answeris Yes to these, you can continue to take photographs but with a limited time and at an appropriate place that do not disturb other visitors. If your answer is No, you should stop taking photographs and just enjoy the place. You can still take a few photographs at an appropriate place for your memory.

Let’s become a chnage maker and make this world again a better place to live.

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  1. Anuradha biswas Avatar
    Anuradha biswas

    Very well said Vasu srini)..we cna be change makers in such simple ways

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