Bigg Boss 4 Telugu – watching this time to support a cause

I never watched Bigg Boss. I don’t even know about this show. Recently got to know about this show and watching Series 4 to support our sister Smt. Padala Kalyani (Popularly known as Karate Kalyani) as she is one of the contestants.

What is Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss (or colloquially Bigg Boss Telugu) is the Indian Telugu-language version of reality TV series Bigg Boss, which is an adaptation of the Dutch series Big BrotherJr NTR and Nani hosted for Season 1 and Season 2 respectively while Akkineni Nagarjuna hosted for Season 3 and Season 4Ramya Krishnan appeared as a guest host in Season 3 for sixth week. It airs on Star Maa and streams on OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. Source: Bigg Boss Telugu page on Wikipedia.

Who is Kalyani?

BiggBossTelugu 4 Contestant Karate Kalyani Wiki, Biography, Age & Images | Bigg  Boss Telugu 4 | Telugu Bigg Boss
Smt. Padala Kalyani

Smt. Padala Kalyani (Popularly Known as Karate Kalyani) is a Artist in Telugu Film Industry. She is not just an artist but a person with philanthropic heart. My brother Shri. Subrahmanyam Chakravarthula has introduced me to her as one who intend to teach Harikatha to our daughter. That is how our association has began with Smt. Kalyani akka and very soon our relationship has grown and now she is part of our family. She has been teaching Harikatha to our daughter and myself among a few other wonderful people. I never attempted to sing songs at full length but she has encouraged me stating that any voice is eleigible to learn.

Smt. Kalyani akka is always forefront to support those in needy. She has served meal to almost 15000 people during difficult times of COVID 19. She has supplied groceries to several thousands of people. Through her live interaction on Facebook, she became inspiration to many who then started helping community.

As we know, during lockdown, many people have lost their source of income. Artists are most affected among others since there could not get chance to perform for many months and this would continue for at least a year. So Smt. Kalyani akka has come up with an innovative idea to host performances by artists through her Facebook live and help them get a livelihood. She could have just donated money but mere donation will impact on dignity of artists.

Yesterday, I have asked on social media about what Smt. Kalyani means to them and responses are heart touching. Some said she is goddess to them, she is everything to them, she is goddess Annapurna with very kind heart, She is someone who keep caring about everyone in the world except about herself. A few others have expressed their love in form of poet!

Today, there are people who appreciate when they see somone in person but reality behind is different. But Kalyani Akka always trust everyone and feels everyone thinks of her well being. Unfortunately, some people attend to take advantage of such great attitude. As we have witnessed in 1st day of BiggBoss house, Kalyani Akka cannot leave a person alone when he or she is crying or in a difficult situation. When one is in a problem, she feels that as her own problem and try to help to the best extent that she can.

It’s very rare to see a person who have got skill of many things such as acting, Harikatha, Classical Music, dance, ability to treat everyone in same way, attitude to support others. These are all true for Kalyani Akka.

I urge everyone to make it a goal to help Kalyani Akka win in Bigg Boss Telugu Series 4 show and achieve her goal of serving others.

Jai Sri Ram!

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