#TTDProperty – no bloody fellow has right to sell!

I never prefer to use abusive words but incidents that are taking place in Andhra Pradesh. There is news about sale of TTD Property to raise money. These properties are not allotted by any government but have donated by devotees to expand better facilities so that more devotees could visit Tirumala. Hence no government or anyone has any bloody right to sell them.

Those thought of selling have to consider selling their own properties and donate to TTD if they really concerned about financial situation.

Government of Andhra Pradesh needs to understand that they should not test patience of people. You were elected with a lot of hope for improving the state but all your actions are disgusting. What is the need to demolist three lights junction at Vizianagaram? When we notice your assembly speeches, we only hear all things against to other parties but never see what are the good things you can take up.

Stop doing things that annoy people. Else, you will be taken to task.

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