Does god exist? – a practical answer by a Hindu Priest

Clay Idol of Lord Ganesha

This is a short messaging extracted from speech of Dr. Shri. Garikipati Narasimha Rao.

Once upon a time, a Hindu Pundit goes for a haircut. While working, the barber has asked “Sir, does the God exist?” The Pundit responds “Why not? by the way, I’m a brahmin pundit and spend a lot of time serving the God; why are you asking me such a question?”. The barber says “No sir, if God exist, he should be taking care of all of us and solve our problems; since that is not happening, I don’t think God exist”. The Pundit did not want to argue at that moment. He has invited him to join him for an evening walk.

In the evening, while they are waling on streets, there are many people with so much of hair and beard. Then Pundit turns to Barber and asks “My friend, see there are so many people with huge hair and long beard; you are a barber in this village but looks like you are not worrying anything about them”. Barber replies “Sir, why would I worry, I will cut their hair and trim their beard when they come to my shop and pay me money”. Then Pundit smiles and say “There you go, my friend, being a barber for just a small village, you will not take care of people until they come to you and pay you money; then how would you expect the God to take care of people in this entire universe without they approach him? God certainly exist and take care of people who approach him.”

So God exist and take care of us all only if we approach him and do our responsibilities in right way.

Stay home and Stay safe.

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