Not happy in your current job; should you move on?

Today, we often observe that people switch jobs for almost no reason; one of the most common reason is that the other company is offering some extra money. People especially youth of today should know that they should not switch jobs for pity reasons; there must be a strong reason for switching job.

If you are switching job for a pay hike, please be informed that you get even better hike when you are loyal to your employer and show productivity; it may take a while but your effort and honesty will not go waste. There is no guarantee that you get constant hikes at your new employment.

If you are switching job because of some discomfort or you have problems with some people; you may have different problems in new job; there is no place in this world that matches to our needs.

Today, I was watching a video of Dr. Shri. Garikipati Narasimha Rao garu and he illustrated one story from purnams. Several years ago, an animal in the forest thought it has fed up with all sounds, fear of other people and humans; thought if God takes him to the world of Moon; Lord Shiva is perhaps easiest and first god to grant wishes. So Lord Shiva appeared and moved animal from earth to moon. That animal started enjoying on the moon. Very soon it came eclipse time and animal felt someone is trying to eat it along with moon and there is no way to escape. The animal realises that earth is better place; at least there is play to escape from danger.

This shows that every place will have some problem or the other, we can succeed only with our attitude and way we work.

As I said in my earlier posts, only in three situations, one should change the job:

  1. When there are lay-offs at company, there is not option for an employee but to look for another job.
  2. It’s important that we make a careful decision before accepting an employment opportunity. We need to ask is this a job that fit to my elibility, will this job gives me satisfaction?, will I be able to do justice to this job? etc., Even after this thorough decision has made and we have put in efforts to good extent but failed to succeed in the job, it’s OK to look for other opportunities.
  3. If an opportunity knocks your door with ten times than what we get currently; we should accept the opportunity; No one will offer a huge difference without seeing something within us.

We will not immediately realise the real problem of switching jobs often. But it becomes a huge problem when we look for leadership positions in the future; when we apply for any leadership position, chances of rejection are higher because everyone think about our stability.

To conclude, secure the job, work with commitment and we will achieve success.

Stay safe!

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